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Ease of use
I have used several EHR systems and Medicfusion has by far been the easiest and most efficient in my opinion. All patient notes are displayed on one screen to allow the doctor to essentially see the entire patient file which will minimize the amount of clicks to complete a note. Also the patient queue easily tracks all patients to prevent any lost or forgotten notes. The transcription library makes notes a breeze and is easy to edit if necessary. I would highly recommend to any Doctor whether you have single or multiple locations.

Medicfusion review
I have been using Medicfusion for a little over a year and I am really happy with it. I was using Soape for two years before that and have used CT while backing up another doc. I really like the fact that it is web based and I do not have to worry about backups, upgrades, or hardware issues. It is very easy to use and it does a great job of helping to managed patient flow and notes.
It has a SALT feature which can come in handy.
The exam listings get a little crowded and hard to work with sometimes but I believe that can be customized for an additional charge if I get annoyed.
The patient portal works really well although I don't use it to it's full potential. It sends out reminders with no interaction other than the initial setup - very cool.
The macros are easy to write and use so that helps with charting as well.
I recommend taking a look at what they have to offer.

21st century EHR technology
After looking at numerous EHR's for my practice some 8+ years ago I decided to purchase Medicfusion EHR. This is a pure "cloud based" system that is based on current technological trends in software. I knew I didn't want a server based system and took the leap of faith into this cloud based system. Now I run nearly my entire office on cloud based technology. We have no need for filing cabinets and have immediate access to patient information. I run this system off of a wall mounted touch screen in my adjusting room but can also access it via my tablet when on the go.

I also like the intuitive flow of the SOAP and unique customization. No "canned" notes! Two other things I couldn't live without is the integrated outcome assessment forms and patient portal. Patients enter all of their info into the system from home or a tablet in my office. Outcome assessment forms are integrated, scored and produce beautiful graphed reports that help me demonstrate medical necessity.

Love the system and would buy it all over again if needed. Saves me time, money and produces quality documentation.

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