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eWellness System

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5830 W. Central, , , 67212

We are an online wellness tool dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date research, supplement recommendations, and lab results. The eWellness System is what happens when you get a PhD in Nutrition, wellness physician, and one of the top computer consu ...


11813 W. 77th St., , , 66214

Company's Description:  " The Great Plains Laboratory is the world leader in organic acid testing and evaluating abnormal levels of yeast and other components that cause symptoms of autism and many other diseases. We also offer a variety ...


15340 S. Keeler St Unit C, , , 66062

Mfr's Description:  " This MAX 50 unit comes with a Non-electric Permeate Pump for bigger/fuller ice cubes which fills faster at the fridge door. Along with a nice steady stream of water from a door dispenser. The MAX 50 has incredible water quality ...


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