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Every Chiropractic office needs a good model of the spine.  To make sure that you are getting the best spine model on the market, please read reviews on skeletons and models on Chiro Hub.

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Lumber Vertebrae Degeneration

Manufacturer's Description:   This model features 4 pairs of life-size lumbar vertebrae in 3 stages of degeneration. Shown are a normal pair of lumbar vertebrae, a pair with a bulging herniated disc, a vertebrae set with bone and disc deg ...

LxH Dynamic Disc Model

#2-1551 Estevan Rd, , , V9S 3Y3

See our full ChiroHub LxH Dynamic Disc Product Review Manufacturer's Description:  "This new lumbar vertebral disc model is what educators have been craving. With deep desires to communicate to patients quickly and effectively in clinical situations ...

Mr. Super Skeleton

Manufacturer's Description:   The skeleton is mounted on a mobile stand with a complete key. Height: 5'5". 3B ScientificThe world's most complete skeleton for school instruction, medical training and patient education. It features jo ...

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