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Pain relief
great product that supports the chiropractic community. A little expensive

Great product. Patients rave about the ease of use and how quickly it reduces pain. We have folks who come in just to purchase the Biofreeze.
The trainer at my daughters university uses Biofreeze on all their athletes.
LifeStyle Chiropractic Kentucky

Effective, but strong odor
I really like BioFreeze, and most of my patients do too. The only complaint I get is that the odor is really strong. Sensitive patients may have an issue with this. I think the smell (kind of like a medicine cabinet) is pleasant, but that is my opinion. Biofreeze is great about giving samples, so I would suggest ordering or obtaining some before you place a large order. When you do order, definitely order the pump, so that you don't have to pick it up every time you want to use it.

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