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Biofeeze vs. Cryoderm
Although Biofreeze seems to be the mainstay of topical cryotherapy products, I have to admit I like another product better.

A newer product on the scene known as Cryoderm is stronger and seems to provide longer pain relief. However, it is too powerful for some patients, so I carry both Biofreeze and Cryoderm in the office. Patients seem to prefer the Cryoderm about 2 to 1.

That being said, Biofreeze seems more eager to work with chiropractors when it comes to office promotions and doing handouts for runs, golf tournaments etc...

Great product. Patients rave about the ease of use and how quickly it reduces pain. We have folks who come in just to purchase the Biofreeze.
The trainer at my daughters university uses Biofreeze on all their athletes. The spray makes it easy to use and is great for travel.
LifeStyle Chiropractic Kentucky

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