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very useful tool
activator is great tool for those patients who had surgery

Activator II Instrument
The Activator II is a rugged little adjusting instrument. It's very durable and comfortable to use. However after getting my Arthrostim instrument, I never use the Activator anymore. The Arthrostim does everything the Activator did but so much more. Why not have both and be a well rounded doctor? :)

good solid product
I really like using the Activator II with certain patients. I don't really utilize the full Activator protocol, but I have noticed that not everyone likes to be adjusted with an "instrument", so it can be limited in its use. This tool feels like it is high quality and durable. I have had no problems with its functionality up to this point. The only other minor issue I have is the grip can be uncomfortable for long-term use. I think they should make a rubber pad on the handle a standard feature on these things. Other than that - good job Activator!

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