There’s NO BETTER Time Than Right Now!!!

People are already working on their New Year’s Resolutions, #1 being to lose weight and get in shape.
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 Why are Chiropractors Across the Country Rushing to Implement this into Their Practice?

- Their patients LOVE IT!  It’s simple, safe, inexpensive and provides huge results.
- There is no increased overhead, and no stocking of products.
- Easy to implement into any practice large or small.
- 30-day Money Back Guarantee on the program
- Added revenue for the practice
- Great referral source for the practice


All this without any drugs, hormones, or shots!!!


We have an epidemic of overweight and obese patients!

We know it and they know it.  These patients are the hardest to treat and the slowest to respond to care.  These are also the patients who won’t follow counsel on nutrition and lifestyle changes, and wonder why they don’t feel good time as they pull out of the drive through.


We must do more than just encourage healthy eating and exercise.


Patients know what they should to do, they just don’t do it.  We can’t just say “you need to lose weight” we must provide them with a program that is easy to follow, it must be simple, medically sound and MUST work quickly or the patient will lose interest and go back to the great American Fast Food Diet.


The #1 Doctor Recommended Weight Loss Program is now Available!!!


A proven medically designed weight loss program is now being utilized by Doctors across the country.  This program utilizes a Medifast meal replacement as a catalyst to help patients lose weight, improve their health and eliminate the need for medications.  As our patients lose their weight we utilize our 12 week study program to teach lifestyle changes, help them identify triggers, and put our patients on the path to optimal health.

If you are interested in how to add this simple weight loss program into your practice, please just send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    We will send you an informational packet with NO OBLIGATIONS.  If you would like us to call you directly, please provide a good telephone number to reach you.

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