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If you've perused the pages of ChiroHub’s various directories, you’ve noticed that certain listings stand out from the rest. An obvious way to make your listing stand out is to upgrade to a featured listing. For Chiropractors, this is an easy way to make your ad much more attractive, and to increase its visibility in searches. Go to our page on “How to upgrade my Chiropractic Directory Listing” for rates and details. For Chiropractic Product Manufacturers/Suppliers/Service Providers, there’s good news. You can get an image added to any of your listings for FREE. Why do we give you free listings, while the Chiropractors have to pay or earn their upgrades? It’s not because we like you better. In fact, we are doing this for the Chiropractors. We want them to be able to see the products they are reviewing. It makes our database of Chiropractic Products/Services much more user friendly. Let us give you an example – say you’re a Chiropractor, and you’re in the market for a new Elevation Chiropractic Table. You know there are a lot of choices out there, but you just can’t decide which is the best value. To make your informed consumer decision, you jump on ChiroHub to check out our product reviews. While scanning the results of your search, you notice that some have thumbnail images, and others do not. Which listings are you most likely to click on? It’s just like shopping on Ebay, you’re going to click on the ones that have an image associated with them. By viewing the photo, you will be able to see the features that the manufacturer lists in the product description, thereby improving your ability to make an informed consumer decision. Another advantage of having an image associated with your listings is Branding. If you’ve never heard the term – pick up any marketing book. This image will serve as a reminder to people about who your company is. When you see golden arches, what do you think? You probably think of McDonalds. That’s an example of branding. Let it work for your business today (only we recommend you avoid the French fries)! Send us an email now to get an image associated with your listing.

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