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If you would like your website link included in your ChiroHub directory listing, we require a reciprocal link back to  You may link directly to your ChiroHub listing, or to our Home page.  To link to our Home page, please just insert the following into your HTML code of the page you want the link on:

<a href="" title="Chiropractor Directory and Chiropractic Product Reviews">ChiroHub Directory</a>

Once you have placed the link on your website, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a link to the page where we can verify your recirprocal link to  Once we validate the link, we will add your website to your listing. 

What does a Featured Listing do?

Any entity that is listed in one of the categories of our website can opt to upgrade to a featured listing. That means that Chiropractors, Commercial Companies (Practice Management firms, manufacturers, supplement companies, service providers, etc...), and Chiropractic Schools, can all pay a small fee to have their listings become "Featured". However, pricing and structure are formatted differently for each due to the content that is provided in the Basic Listing for each category.

So, what does upgrading to a Featured Listing do for you? It gives you the exposure you're looking for! Every time a user completes a search using either of our search boxes (see top right corner of screen), they get a long list of results. This also includes searches done using our Advanced Search feature. With almost 100,000 different listings, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. When you have a Featured Listing, you will automatically be moved to the top of the list. The great thing about the search is that it pulls from each item of your listing - address, description, and Title.

Let us give you an example - say you are a Practice Management Firm called "Clinic Growth Professionals"; your address is 1234 Coaching Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201; and your description is "We are a chiropractic practice management firm that specializes in helping new graduates achieve the success they dream of."

When a user does a general search using the ChiroHub search box for any of the words used in your listing - growth, professionals, Brooklyn, success, chiropractic, practice management, etc... your listing will get priority placement at the top of the results.

In addition to being placed at the top of the results pages, Featured Listings are automatically placed at the top of their respective categories. So, any time a user is browsing our Directory, and they enter the category where your listing appears, they will see your name at the top!

Many users are already taking advantage of these Featured Listings. Just type in "Portland" in the search box, and you will see the featured listing that comes to the top for Dr. Irving.

***BONUS*** As an additional incentive for you to upgrade your listing, we are offering a FREE news release paragraph that gets featured on our Home Page under the heading "Latest News".  This is another way for you to increase your visibility on the site.  You can use up to 250 words in your paragraph to describe the item(s) that you are featuring.  This is a great way to announce the release of a new product or service.  

If you would like to upgrade your listing to a Featured Listing, please start by making a payment using the buttons below. You can then Contact Us to let us know which listing you would like to upgrade. If you are a Manufacturer with several products in your line, we offer deep discounts for upgrading multiple listings. Just drop us an email to get a quote for your product line!







Visit our Upgrade Page for more details

How do I upgrade my Chiro Directory Listing?

Every Chiropractor gets a FREE Basic Listing which includes Name, Address, Email, Phone, Fax, and a short description (read more ).  We offer 4 options for upgrading your basic listing in the ChiroHub Directory. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can cancel at any time. You can get 15% OFF any Upgraded Listing by simply linking to ChiroHub from your website. You can also get your first year of an Enhanced Listing for FREE by earning only 3 ChiroHub points. Visit this page to find out how.

Enhanced Listing


  • Option #1 - Upgrade to an Enhanced Listing for the low price of $39.95/yr. To find out how you can get your first year of an Enhanced Listing for FREE, please read this article . Enhanced Listings still allow many features, including:
  • You get to submit one image for your practice
  • You get to include a full description of your practice (max 350 words; subject to approval)
  • You get to include a link directly to your website to help with SEO.
" href="#">

Featured Listing


  • Option #3 - Upgrade to a Featured Listing for the low price of $69.95/yr. This is a great option for those of you who don't have access to a digital camcorder. It is still very comprehensive, and offers the following perks:
  • Your name gets top placement on any searches relative to your listing as a "featured" result in our directory
  • Your name becomes indexed in the major search engines (no rank guarantee)
  • You can submit up to 3 images for your practice
  • You get to include a full description of your practice (max 350 words; subject to approval)
  • You get a direct link to your clinic’s website, so patients can quickly access your site
  • Your listing has a colored box around it to attract attention
  • To see how a Featured Listing stands out, visit the page for Chiropractors in Boise, ID
" href="#">


Option #4 - If you just want a link to your website, then we can add that, but we require a link back to our site. Please email us with the web address of your reciprocal link and we will gladly add your website to your listing.

What information to include in Listing

You must have an Enhanced or Featured listing to include a detailed description of your practice with your listing. (Please visit this page if you would like to Upgrade your Listing).  If you have upgraded to either of these, then it is essential that you provide as much information as possible in your listing, so potential patients know exactly what you offer.  May we recommend the following things be included in your listing:

1)  Adjusting Techniques -  Many experienced patients know exactly what kind of a Technique system they like.  This doesn't mean they couldn't benefit from experiencing something new, but they may exclude you from their options if they don't think you have what they want.

2)  Describe your facilities -  Many patients view their trip to the Chiropractor as a relaxing getaway, so knowing that you have a nice, clean office can be important.

3) Insurances accepted - Unfortunately, managed care and other forms of insurance affect the patient's decision on which Chiropractor they are going to visit.  They may only come see you if you are covered by their insurance plan.  As a result, you should always list what insurance plans you accept, if any.

4) Describe your staff - Do you have a massage therapist?  An acupuncturist?  Do you co-treat with a Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Osteopathy, or a Naturopath, which can prescribe medications? 

5) Directions - Even though your listing will have a link to get directions via Google Maps, some patients may not be comfortable with this feature.  It might be best to say something like, "Right across the street from the Grand Theater on Broadway Street." 

How do I add or update my Listing?

Updating your Chiropractic Directory listing is easy, just follow these simple steps. 

1) Make sure you are registered with ChiroHub -  just go to our Registration Page.

2) Search our Chiropractic Directory to check and see if you OR your clinic is already listed.You can do a search for your name, or the name of your practice in the "Search" box on the left menu of this site, or you can visit our Chiro Directory page to select your correct state and city.  If you have located your current or old practice, please use the "claim" feature to tell us that this listing is YOU. 

3) If you are not in our Chiropractic Directory, then please feel free to submit a new listing. To do this, simply navigate to the state and city where your practice is located, then click the link in the top right corner of the page that says "add your listing here". 

4) Fill in as much information as possible for your listing.  Remember that users (ie. patients) will use these to search for a chiropractor in their area.  All of our Free Basic Listings come with a ton of info - name, contact info, email, address, google map, insurances, techniques, school alumni, certifications, and more...

5) Submit your listing and or updates.

6) Wait  - we typically approve all new listings within 48 hours of posting them, unless there is a higher volume being submitted. 

7) If you want to upgrade your listing to a Featured Listing so that you can add pictures and a description, please see our Advertising Rates page.



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